Upcoming Events

“Flagg Creek Families”

This exhibit will look at some of the early settlers of the area, where they lived and what they did. Other exhibits at the museum include Native Americans, Natural History, Teidtville and Santa Fe Park and a collection of maps.

Where: Flagg Creek Museum
When: April 1, 2015 7:00PM
Cost: Free

“Clara Barton”

Join us for Leslie Goddard’s first person portrayal of famous Civil War Nurse, Clara Barton and learn what it was like to serve as the first woman in a battlefield hospital. Click here for more info.

Where: Pleasant Dale Recreation Center
When: April 15, 2015 7:00PM
Cost: Free

“Fifty Years Ago - From the Pillbox to the Mini Skirt”

Coming to the Robert Vial House in late May - “Fifty Years Ago - From the Pillbox to the Mini Skirt”. Fashions from the 60’s will be on display through the summer. Join us for a look back at this tumultuous decade that brought us so many new fashion changes.

Where: Robert Vial House
When: Late May 2015
Cost: Free