Halloween Hayride

Each year the Pleasant Dale Park District sponsors an activity known to the locals who enjoy the fun as the Halloween Hayride. A hay filled farm wagon towed by an old tractor takes the riders along trials on the park property. Along the way, there are some “activity stops” which provide some bone chilling and spine tingling faces and sounds to keep the riders on their toes.

One of the most popular stops along the way is a visit to the Vial House. On one of the recent Vial House visits, the hayride troopers were introduced to Madame Hazeline and her unique stories and predictions. This program has been responsible for helping to introduce the many visitors to the existence of the Vial House as well as the importance it has been to our area and the past which it represents to many of the families who originally settled in our area.

Peg and Hazel as witches
Peg and Hazel welcome guests

Fortune telling
Everyone is on the edge of their seat.

Hazel entertains
Hazel and guests enjoy sweeping success.

Madame Hazeline
Madame Hazeline is the star of the show!