Flagg Creek Heritage Society Archives

The following list contains the names of many of the Families and Institutions that were very prominent in the settlement and beginning history of the Flagg Creek and the Lyons Township area. The Flagg Creek Heritage Society maintains a continuously growing reference source of materials for the listed representations. We continue to search for additional collections of written or other materials to grow the information and reference libraries. Come and visit our collection.

We invite families and institutions to bring historical information to us and allow us to share your past from our area with the others who are now living and making current history in our area.


Bielby Family History Collection
Bulthuis Family Collection
Craigmile Family Collection
Cossett School Collection
Eller Family Collection
Flagg Creek Golf Course
Gear Family History Collection
Godar Family Collection
Gower School Collection
Hess Family History Collection
Honeck Family Collection
Hoyt Family History Collection
Ideal School Collection
Karasek Family Collection
LaGrange Highlands School
Local Real Estate Listings
Lyons Township High School Collection
Lyonsville Church Collection
Maercker School Collection
McClintock Collection
Pallisades School Collection
Pleasantdale Civic Association
Pleasantdale Park District
Pleasantdale School Collection
Polk File Collection
Santa Fe Park Collection
Santa Fe Speedway Collection
Sass Family Collection
Sternitzke Family Collection
Tiedtville Illinois Collection
Timber Trails Collection
Tiedt Family Collection
Trinity Lutheran Church
Trinity Lutheran School
Vial Family History Collection

In addition to the family collections, we also have a file cabinet of family folders.  Some folders have genealogies, photographs, newspaper articles and funeral details.  Other folders may have only one piece of data.