Wedding Bells Display

When: This Summer

Where: FCHS Museum, located on the grounds of Pleasant Dale Park District

Keep an eye out for our summer display, Wedding Bells, coming in June. Visit the Vial House this summer to see our collection of wedding gowns; we’ve added several to our collection! You’ll explore wedding customs along with accessories and gifts from weddings past.

“Kid’s Corner” exhibit at the FCHS Museum

When: Now

Where: FCHS Museum, located on the grounds of Pleasant Dale Park District

Come see our new “Kid’s Corner” exhibit at the FCHS Museum. Try out some old-fashioned toys, make a ‘call’ on a rotary dial phone, and play a tune on a pump organ.

Check out our other current exhibits including “The Power of Advertising”, “Native Americans”, “Pleasantview Fire Department”, “Tools”, and “Postcards”.

Flying High: Betty the Pan Am Stewardess

When: Monday, April 22nd at 7:00 PM

Where: Pleasantdale Park District, Walker Park Recreation Center

Fasten your uniform and get ready to be taken back to the golden age of air travel. In the 1960’s, when jets were new, the stewardess was an all-American fantasy: hostess, nurse, cook, therapist, and even sex symbol. In this historical portrayal, historian Leslie Goddard, Ph.D., takes you on an exciting trip through the true story about Betty, the real-life stewardess for Pan Am – the most glamorous U.S. airline. You’ll hear stories of cooking gourmet meals and serving the rich and famous, the strict age, height, and weight requirements of the airline, and how Betty endured some wild fights. Buckle up – this is one ride you won’t forget!